A List of Prank Victims

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A to Z Pawn Shop/Charles (Victim of: Duncan SB… etc)

Discovered by: Y2Jericho

Charles is arguably one of the most controversial prank call victim’s along with Chris the Hacker. Charles is noted as being a man about the age of 28 who works at a pawn shop in Stilwell, Oklahoma. Charles was first called sometime in 2008 by Y2Jericho using a soundboard of Duncan. From the first call Charles knew that the calls were recordings, though he originally thought it was Thomas Wilson (the father of the Redneck Teen apparently). During these first calls he even brought in a Sheriff’s deputy (most likely a friend impersonating one). After these calls, he was called up with soundboards of other victims, notably Tom the Pissed Off Roofer, his wife and Chris the Hotel Spaz

More recently, calls to him have started becoming more and more casual. Mostly as he had created his own YouTube account entitled “AtoZpawner” claiming that there would be an interview with Duncan (whom happens to also live in Stilwell) however this was his own pathetic way of pranking us. Frank (Duncan) has confirmed himself that there will be no interviews.

Frank also seems to believe that Charles is the cause of all these pranks to him, an apparent result being that Frank at one point, outraged came down to the pawn shop and threatened Charles. Charles recently blocked all the prank callers from his YouTube and threatened most of the users that they would be arrested also lying that we would save ourselves by giving him our name and state. Charles lied about the user fortunecookiesucks giving him his name and state (he only found this information from the user info clearly). These threats have only furthered the prank calls to him. However Charles never seems to even dignify us with a response anymore other than the occasional false threat!

Charles however recently accepted a couple interviews. He has admitted he really did want to get Frank to do an interview but to no avail and that Frank had indeed come to the pawnshop and threatened Charles. Despite an occasional, "I'm not fuckin' with you today", Charles never talks to any prank caller now, and apparentally has distanced himself greatly from the community. Although Charles was part of a mass conferencing call between him, Chris and several police departments.

AA Asshole (Victim of: Rick the Mullet Man SB, Duncan SB, Random Asshole SB .etc)

Discovered by: SBCallingYew/PrankVideoCompiler

Pete the AA Asshole is a worker for Alcoholics Anonymous answering service in Los Angeles. He is supposedly a former alcoholic who hasn’t drunk in 7 years and claims that he has been to jail. He is evidently homophobic and fittingly for an AA employee hates drug users telling his prank callers to “go smoke some crack, faggot”.

The AA Asshole was first called with a soundboard of Rick the Mullet Man, which is evidently not the first time he was called originally. When Rick asks “Why are you calling here?” he responds with “Go fuck yourself” while Rick talks and proceeds to hang up. The conversation between the two when they call back lasts about 10 minutes. The AA Asshole was later called up by TehPrankCaller using his own voice, addressing him by his real name, Pete. He is then called up by Soundboards of Rich the Prick, Duncan, the Jackass Plumber and Tom the Pissed Off Roofer. Towards the end, the AA Asshole mostly starts quoting the Rednecks from “Deliverance”. In the most recent call with the Random Asshole and Rick the Mullet Man, the AA Asshole takes a more professional approach. Towards the end of this call, the AA Asshole figures out that he’s only talking to a recording and even admits “you’re pretty clever”. At the end they jump in with a soundboard of himself which he immediately identifies as himself which he tells a co-worker off the phone.

AA Guy (Victim of: Dr. Phil SB)

Discovered by: Unknown

The AA Guy is a worker for Alcoholics Anonymous was one of the many classic prank call victims. He’s from New Jersey, and at the point the call was made, he was unemployed and semi-retired. He was called up with a soundboard of Dr. Phil, which he never really seemed to realize was a prank call. All he wanted to do was help with obvious clarity.

Alabama Yokel (Victim of: Frank Garrett SB, Jackass Plumber SB, Rick the Mullet Man SB... etc)

Discovered by: TotalRedial/Mr88Nismo

Tim Hutto is a violent hillbilly living in Alabama (Obviously....) who was first called up with a Soundboard of Frank Garrett. During all calls he has the same common reaction of flipping the fuck out, his more strong reactions going towards the Rick soundboard. Not much is known about the Alabama Yokel, other than he is most likely a dumbass hillbilly judging from his strong accent.

He was also called with soundboards of the Jackass Plumber, Rick the Mullet Man, Karen (Rick's wife) and the Random Asshole. His reactions were of course more aggressive to Rick and the Random Asshole. The Alabama Yokel like Rick, blocked his number eventually.

Angry Black Gangsta (Victim of: Samuel L. Jackson SB)

Discovered by: Unknown

The Angry Black Gangsta (not to be confused with the Angry Black Guy, who is sometimes known by this name also) was the victim of a Samuel L. Jackson prank call and was one of the earliest victims to receive their own soundboard. It has been used in more than a few prank calls, most notably in one of the very first made to Frank Garrett. However, it has never quite reached the same level of popularity as the Black Guy or the Irate Black Man. His picture is always depicted as deceased R&B/soul singer James Brown, although some pranksters have used pics of random black guys to represent him in their videos as well.

Angry Black Guy (Victim of: Joe Pesci SB)

Discovered by: Unknown

The Angry Black Guy is probably one of the most early (if not, the first) soundboard prank victims, the call to him dating back to sometime in 2000. The Black Guy was originally a victim of a Joe Pesci prank call and was one of the very first (if not *the* first) prank victims to receive their own soundboard. It has since become one of the most popular victim soundboards of all time, being rivaled only by Duncan and perhaps Tom the Pissed Off Roofer.

The Black Guy is a tough talking man who repeatedly threatened Pesci with violence and is known for using heavy amounts of ebonics and variations of the word "motherfucker" throughout his calls. He is usually depicted as deceased rapper Notorious B.I.G., although some pranksters have used pics of random black guys to represent him in their videos as well.

In spite of his considerable fame among the Soundboard Prank Call community, virtually nothing is known about this victim and no additional calls which could provide this info have been made to him, since the original with Pesci.

More recently, a user on YouTube by the name of ironmicktyron1 has claimed on the original call to ABG, that it was him and showed some outrage about it. Seems to basically be a douche, as he was in the calls. Apparently the Joe Pesci call was so popular that he was able to find and recognize the call. While unconfirmed, he doesn't seem like the prank call fan or someone that would lie for no reason about being ABG. If it is in fact, ABG, he knows about the call made to him and resides in Brooklyn.

Angry Homo Escort (Victim of: Depressed Guy SB, Duncan SB, High Redneck SB… etc)

Discovered by: Cobra4073/PrankVideoCompiler

Tim is an escort of the age of 45, residing possibly somewhere in Minnesota who was first called with a soundboard of the Depressed Guy and served as a sympathetic ear for nearly ten minutes, though actually did most of the ranting. His mocking namesake originates from the fact that his voice sounds stereotypically homosexual. The escort seemed to try and handle the situation in a helpful manner. The call was ended when the caller selected the shotgun sound on the soundboard which is used to make the called think he commited suicide over the phone. Whether he heard it or not isn’t clear, but he doesn’t seem to panic over it.

However, when being called with a soundboard with Duncan, he started showing his true colors. Tim is short tempered, homophobic, racist, self important man, and as his reactions are laughable, he has become a preferred target. He has become an ongoing prank victim, mostly preferred by SBCallingYew and TehPrankCaller, notably being called with Tom the Pissed Off Roofer, Chinaman, High Redneck, Rich the Prick, Toilet Lady, the Jackass Plumber, Mark the Wanker and even his own soundboard.

The escort is represented by a Swedish disc jockey (noted by the box saying Sevicht on the right) with a rather smug expression on his face.

Angry Mother & Son (Victim of: Drug & Alcohol Lady SB, AA Guy SB, Jesus Lady SB)

Discovered by: EFM

The Angry Mother & Son are a pair of prank call victims, the son appearing to be a white gangster wannabe. From what it appears, the mother lets her son cuss in front of her. They were called up by three soundboards at once, one of the Drug & Alcohol Lady, the AA Guy and the Jesus Lady. The Son was on at the beginning with the Drug & Alcohol Lady, his mother than picked up the phone and bitched about being on speakerphone and speaking to a machine. The Son came back on and states about how he’s been clean for 3 months. The mother came back on and continued bitching and spoke to the Drug & Alcohol Lady and eventually the Jesus Lady. They had apparently filed a report over this call. The mother also blamed the call being by a friend named Anthony.

Arnold’s Escort (Victim of: Jack Nicholson SB, Arnold Schwarzenegger SB)

Discovered by: w3baholicX

Arnold’s Escort, named in sake of the famous call made to her using Arnold Schwarzenegger was first called in a less known call using a Jack Nicholson soundboard. In this call, Jack calls to ask her about her stance on “Breast Implants” to which she replies “Some girls here have implants and some don’t”. She was later called with a soundboard of Arnold Schwarzenegger in which he asks if she would like to fuck with him. She seems to go along with both calls, while knowing their both prank recordings, she replies to Arnold’s sexual questions usually with yes answers like “Sure, I’ll fuck with you”. A most common representation of her is usually a picture of Paris Hilton from South Park”.

Bait Shop Guy (Victim of: Arnold Schwarzenegger SB)

Discovered by: Punctum

The Bait Shop Guy is a Bait & Tackle Shop Owner residing somewhere in Canada. He was twice a victim of an Arnold Schwarzenneger Soundboard. He has takes an interest/claims to be the man who shot John F. Kennedy. According to him, he was around when he was shot; so we can assume he's in his late 60's or so. He also seems to have somewhat Republican views (possibly a joke, but FUCK he lives in Canada he don't even live in the states!!!) as well wishes to live in Texas. He was unaware of the call being a joke; like most other victims

There is not much to gather from the Bait Shop Guy other than what is above, but since his discovery a soundboard has been used on various occasions by w3baholicX; whom discovered him.

Bob Chandler (Victim of: Gay Florist SB, Duncan SB, Epic Crazy Lady SB… etc)

Discovered by: N/A (to say he was discovered by anyone would be nonsense, his retarded son exposed him to us more like it)

Bob Chandler, probably better known as the father of Internet meme, Chris Chan is an elderly victim who has been called various times. His number was leaked out online as a direct result of his son leaving his phone number online. Considering, how many people online seem to dislike Chris, it was only a matter of time until people attempted making calls to him.

The first call made to him was intended just as a plain call to Chris, with no soundboard but failed. However other calls were made by users such as TheGoldenPhone, using soundboards of the Gay Florist, Duncan, the Epic Crazy Lady, Deputy Martin and the Depressed Guy. A Regular call was made by another YouTuber who is not in the pranking trend, Bob sees Christian's creation of Sonichu just simply "Sonic and Chu!"

In early 2010, Bob was sent to the hospital due to heart problems and his Cancer. He eventually left. Later on the calls resumed with a prank call with Mrs. Haze.

Blockbuster Bitch (Victim of: Biff Tannen SB)

Discovered by: Gabe B.

The Blockbuster Bitch was a victim of a call using a soundboard of Biff Tannen. She threatens on various occasions to call the police on him.

Canadian Teens (Victims of: Drug & Alcohol Lady SB, Springfield Pervert SB, Chris the Hacker SB etc.)

Discovered by: TheGoldenPhone

The Canadian Teens are comprised of a pair of foul-mouthed, Canadian sisters, Maggie and her Unnamed sister, who were called by Springfield Pervert, Chris the Hacker, and most prominently, Drug & Alcohol Lady (with a brief appearance by Duncan). The eldest sister figured out the calls were recordings, and was later called by herself where she became embarrassed at how childish and petty she sounded. Where the two shined were from the Springfield Pervert calls, and thus their soundboard is comprised mostly of perverted sexual quotes such as “I’m a cum guzzler”.

The pair are usually depicted along with a picture of Don Vito (Springfield Pervert’s depiction) where Vito touches two drunken female fans breasts.

Casino Man (Victim of: Philly Thug SB, Angry Black Guy SB, Satanic Racist SB)

Discovered by: Ninja Rygar

Mark the Casino Man was called up using a Soundboard of the Philly Thug. His namesake is derived from him explaining that he has trouble hearing "Philly Thug" because he's "at a bunch of casino machines" and talking about playing on the slot machines. From everything he said in the calls to him he is believed to be residing ether in the state of Pennsylvania or right over the state line in New York. He is a conservative white middle aged male of German descent with a family. Does not like African-Americans as noted by many of the things he said when the Satanic Racist called him. He was first called using a soundboard of the Philly Thug, though he was later called using Soundboards of the Angry Black Guy and the Satanic Racist. The last call made to him was done using a soundboard of both the Satanic Racist and Philly Thug, this call lasted a good 21 minutes. His number was either blocked or lost afterwards.

Chinaman (Victim of: Juggernaut SB, Angry Black Guy SB, Hotel Jackass SB)

Discovered by: w3baholicX

Chinaman, who is named in sake of his thick and fluent Chinese accent, is an owner of a Chinese restaurant. He was first called by w3baholicX who used a soundboard of Marvel Comic’s character, Juggernaut. The second call made to him was made using a soundboard of the Angry Black Guy, which due to the threats made to him; Chinaman had changed his phone number afterwards. Chinaman however was found sometime afterwards in which they used a soundboard of the Hotel Jackass. After this call, his number was lost once again. Due to his extremely thick accent, Chinaman is somewhat difficult to understand.

Since his introduction, he has gone on to be one of the most popular and most used victim soundboards of all time.

Chris & Jane (Victims of: Depressed Guy SB, Drunk Guy SB, Chris the Hacker SB… etc)

Discovered by: infinite

Chris & Jane also referred to as “the late Night Couple” from “Completely Clean”  (not sure really what exactly it is referring to, but according to the various prankers, they sell pass your drug test supplies) in Ohio. They were bombarded with prank calls on New Years Eve of 2009, using several different boards ranging from the Depressed Guy, the Drunk Guy, Chris the Hacker and Deputy Martin. Later on, they were called with various other boards ranging from Duncan, the Gay Florist and Rick the Mullet Man. Chris was eventually called with a soundboard of his own voice.

They were terrorized after by several other YouTube prankers for months before realizing it was a prank and finding his videos on YouTube. He joined as a member and briefly had purpledrone work on a website of his, then he got too stoned and turned into an asshole and parted ways.

Chris the Hacker (Victim of: Jackass Plumber SB, Duncan SB, SB Of own voice… etc)

Discovered by: PrankVideoCompiler/xaozzz

Chris J. Perron or “the Hacker” is the owner of DatBoys Data Recovery Inc., an IT service & computer repair company out of Belmont, Massachusetts. Unlike most victims, who merely get angry and/or call the police when pranked, Chris eventually figured out what was going on and attempted to take the fight right to the pranksters who were harassing him by tracing the IP addresses of the Skype calls coming to his business. At one time, he also attempted (while using an alias) to infiltrate the forums at various well-known prank call websites such as Realm of Darkness, apparently hoping to gather intel on the Soundboard Prank Call community and destroy it from within.

Chris also has a strong vindictive streak, and at one point, even threatened to lie to police and hand them the IP address of any random prank caller of his choosing, assuring them that it would be that person who would take the full rap for any and all "crimes" that had happened to him - including any scratches found on his gold 1994 Suburu minivan. This line of "interrogation" from Chris was frowned upon by many, and eventually led to a series of calls made to Chris using various TTS (Text To Speech) voice programs (such as Shit Talker) in which the caller presented themself as numerous Prank Callers and flooded Chris with disinformation (the true extent of which is unknown) to throw him off the track of the actual prank callers or simply confuse him.

The most lulzworthy achievement of the TTS calls was when Chris, demonstrating his extreme gullibility (or perhaps extreme desperation to stop the prank calls) became convinced that MistahBlonde2 was in reality, a young man named Brian Kugler, the millionaire son of former Unilever CEO Ralph Kugler and a senior executive within the company himself. Convinced by the TTS, it is known that Chris attempted to contact the real Ralph Kugler over the harassment, only to have his claims promptly dismissed by Kugler's personal assistant as utter lunacy. Not to be deterred, Chris went on to undertake extensive research into Unilever and even went as far as hiring a lawyer in hopes of successfully suing the Kugler family and potentially reaping millions of dollars in damages. That is, until the TTS caller (over a fortnight later) called Chris back and revealed the joke.

As a result of these activities, Chris is unique among prank victims in that he now has extensive knowledge of the Soundboard Prank Call community, even the handles of individual pranksters. When called, he will sometimes talk about this at length in an attempt to scare the prank caller off and will even attempt to recognize the caller by their style. He was later given his own victim soundboard, which has since become very popular. Chris sometimes goes under different aliases, such as Stageman, his artist name during a brief stint in a band.

Chris has been subject to some of the most extreme pranks out there, many of which have crossed the line from harmless prank calling into outright malicious harassment. One of the meanest examples occured in late 2010, when he was three-wayed with the Belmont Fire Dept. and listened helplessly as a mechanized text-to-speech voice claiming to be a deaf woman, gave his address and business name and falsely reported a fire. Chris then tried desperately to tell the fire department that there was no fire at his shop and that the whole thing was a prank call by someone trying to set him up, but to no avail. In the end, the fire department told him (much to his understandable frustration) that, prank call or not, their protocal required them to send a response to every report of a fire and that both the police and a fire truck would be there momentarily. It is unknown what transpired after they arrived at the scene.

Shortly after the fire prank, he forgot to hang up the phone and was recorded having a conversation with another prank victim (John from Confused Lady calls a Kid and subsequently again in Jake Prank Calls His Moms Business which was the call that actually resulted in John visiting Chris) in which he detailed how much aggravation the prank callers have caused him. During this one sided rant from Chris it should be noted with extreme irony that for Chris to be giving anybody advise regarding tackling prank callers is easily likened to asking a nomadic desert dwelling towel head how to snowboard.

Approximately one month later, Chris surfaced on a phone number complaint forum. In specific, it was the page corresponding to the default outbound number for Skype (202-580-8200) that had long since run amok in irony with people quoting lines from various soundboards on a frequent basis, including Chris. He may very well have assumed that the posts were from the prank callers themselves as he attempted to issue a chilling warning, coupled with a threat against MistahBlonde2, who was behind the fire prank.

Chris the Hotel Spaz (Victim of: Tom the Pissed Off Roofer SB)

Discovered by: Zarkrell

Chris the Hotel Spaz (real name unknown) is a victim who was called by Tom the Pissed Off Roofer. Obviously a stressed individual, he quickly freaked-out and became very defensive in response to Tom's verbal abuse, with hilarious results. He soon received his own soundboards as a result.

Colossal Racist Bitch (Victim of: Angry Black Guy SB, Drug & Alcohol Lady SB, Rick the Mullet Man SB .etc)

Discovered by: itzmurda81

Colossal Racist Bitch (CRB) is a sporadically called victim, most prominent for her vehemence and extreme racist rhetoric. Little has been revealed about her background other than that she has a husband who is equally short tempered and bigoted.

The first and by far most infamous call was made to her by the Black Guy, and due to her pervasive anti-black expletives, has achieved arguably the most racist soundboard on Realm of Darkness, even though it only includes about two-thirds of such lines, as they became increasingly redundant. When called (and actually woken up by) Drug & Alcohol Lady, who is white, she was very docile and respectful in posture, though was often incoherent due to her tiredness. D&A Lady's relentless questions lead her to reveal that she does not drink alcohol. She likely would have continued her aimless conservation was it not for the angrily-charged intervention of her husband, who calmed down slightly after talking to D&A Lady. She and her husband was later called back by several other intentionally provocative soundboards, though only her husband was provoked into uttering racial slurs, both anti-black and anti-Semitic. She finally snapped after being called by Epic Crazy Lady's Husband, whereupon she broke out in a furious, ECL-esque rant.

The Colossal Racist Bitch is depicted with a picture of actress Roseanne Barr.

Crazy Business Family and Deputy Nelson (Victims of: Duncan SB, Deputy Martin SB, SB of the father’s voice)

Discovered by: TheGoldenPhone

The Crazy Business Family is a family that lives somewhere in Missouri, they were called multiple times with a soundboard of Frank Garrett. They have a son named Gerard, who was the first to pick up the phone, he spazzed out simply after Frank utters “Son of a bitch, is that all yew can say is hullo?”, his mother picked up the phone afterwards. Then the husband  picked it up, later another call was made to just the wife, it is apparent that there was a call made between these ones as she mentions that he was pretending to be the cop from Big Daddy’s Pizza (Deputy Martin). The last call made was made using a soundboard of the father’s voice and Chris the Hacker, a real Sheriff’s deputy, Deputy Nelson was called by the family and was at their business. Gerard has been revealed to have a MySpace

Crazy Sick Old Man (Victim of: Al Pacino SB, Arnold Schwarzennegger SB, Chinaman SB... etc.)

Discovered by: chuko

Jim the Crazy Sick Old Man (last name unknown) was the victim of an Al Pacino and Arnold Schwarzenegger prank call. He is a tough talking and extremely bigoted man who repeatedly threatens Pacino, Schwarzenegger and the China Man (who is the last one to call him back) with violence, common profanity, verbal abuse, death threats (including breaking people's necks and cutting people's throats) and racial epithets. He also attempts to call the police on them and vows that he'll make sure they spend the rest of their lives in jail. He claims that he is in his 70's and works for security, probably at a mental institution.

In spite of his considerable fame among the Soundboard Prank Call community, there is technically not much known about this victim; so far, in the mentioned prank call, he reveals that he's a security guard employee, hates foreign people, has nothing to do with $6,000 or cars, and that he's a very sick man and he's in his 70s. A second call to this victim was made with his own soundboard, along with some calls by Duncan and the Angry Black Guy, but did not reveal any new information about him, except that he also hates black people. Due to his voice, there is speculation that the "Old Man" is either drunk or high on drugs, which many believe that this is why he's angry and sick. This would also explain his insane repetitive "Nigger" speech at the end of the last call.

Creepy Cookie Guy (Victim of: Rick the Mullet Man SB, SB of himself)

Discovered by: SBCallingYew

Brian the Creepy Cookie Guy is a former Alcoholics Anonymous phone operator (either quit or was fired) from Vermont who has a creepy sexual fixation with cookies coming out of his ass. The Creepy Cookie guy is a fairly good natured man with a good sense of humor who knows that he’s on YouTube apparently.

He was first called up with Rick the Mullet Man, picking up after a female co-worker handed him the phone. He then goes onto arbitrarily ask if they can record cookies out of his ass. Afterwards, they do just that and call him with his own Soundboard, much to his delight (“I feel like I just won the academy award”). He was called back with his own soundboard again and went into further detail how he makes his cookies. According to SBCallingYew, he was called with the High Redneck as well which was unfortunately left unrecorded.

Unfortunately, the Creepy Cookie has either been fired or quit Alcoholics Anonymous. The Creepy Cookie Guy is depicted with a picture of actor, writer and founder of “Famous Amos” chocolate chip cookie brand; Wally Amos.

DeNiro Redneck (Victim of: Robert DeNiro SB, Joe Pesci SB)

Discovered by: metalboss44

The DeNiro Redneck works for a towing company, he was called up with a soundboard of both Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci. During these calls he seemed to fool around considerably with them (“Hey, your still fucked up!”).

Depressed Guy (Victim of: Philly Thug SB)

Discovered by: Lincolnlog

Dan, the Depressed Guy was a random victim called from a Hotel Room using a soundboard of the Philly Thug. He explained his reasons for why he was unhappy saying that he was left recently by his wife, and that he just cannot wait to die. He hung up saying “I hope you have a good night”. The Depressed Guy is used as a soundboard a lot, in my opinion it is kind of in poor taste to use, especially when ending the call with a gunshot sound effect. Since the Depressed Guy was only found by dialing a random hotel room, it is unlikely he could ever be found again that being if hes still alive.

Deputy Martin (Victim of: Epic Crazy Lady’s Husband SB)

Discovered by: UltimatePrankCalls

Deputy Officer Martin, or just Officer Martin, is a supposed police officer who was called in to deal with the Epic Crazy Lady's Husband after he harassed Big Daddy's Pizza. It has been debated whether or not Deputy Martin is a real police officer or not. Some say that he was another employee at Big Daddy's Pizza who was only pretending to be a police officer in order to (unsuccessfully) scare the prank caller away. He eventually received his own soundboard, which has been used in a few prank calls, usually in combination with another soundboard after the victim threatens to involve the police.

Donna Pope’s Neighbor (Victim of: Gay Florist SB, Springfield Pervert SB, Wife Beater SB etc.)

Discovered by: flazz684

Julie Williams is the neighbor of Donna Pope, who lives right across the woods from her and Donna often uses her phone with and without her permission.

She was tricked into believing Donna Pope had made several drunken calls on her telephone. She was later called back with her own voice, and ironically became one of the slim few victims to ever recognize their own voice. She has been called sporadically since by a pair of callers, one of whom has exclusively used his own voice.

Douchebag Accountant (Victim of: Duncan SB, Chris the Hacker SB)


Discovered by: SBCallingYew

Neil Larson is an accountant residing somewhere in Seattle, Washington. He assumes that people are "getting off" or "masturbating" while talking to him on the phone and seems to talk reeeeaaaaaaly slooow and stutters alot, in a call to him he claims to have a gay son. In a way he is kind of a know it all. He thought Duncan was a member of the CIA or a special type of phone expert. He knew that the caller was recording the call cuz he played his own voice back to him on his voicemail and remixed it. So overall he is full of himself, likes to hear himself talk, imo he is kind of a strange victim and some people might not even think he was a great victim, but I don't care.

Drug & Alcohol Lady (Victim of: Tom the Pissed Off Roofer SB, Duncan SB, SB of own voice)

Discovered by: xaozzz

Dorothy Martin, named the Drug & Alcohol Lady is an elderly prank victim who was first called up with a soundboard of Tom the Pissed Off Roofer. She works for the Maryland Alcohol Drug & Abuse Administration. She would several times repeat what Tom would say. She was later called up with a soundboard of Duncan and later one of her own voice. She did not seem to know it was her own voice. She eventually blocked the Line of Skype calls or blocked calls. However someone eventually called her up without blocking their number and mocked her mimicing her voice.

Drunk Guy (Victim of: Arnold Schwarzenegger SB)

Discovered by: Unknown

The Drunk Guy was one of the first few prank call victims; he was called up using a soundboard of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He sounded intoxicated while on the phone, hence his nickname. He states that his father was a fucking dick which is why he’s the way he is today.

It is debated the nature of the Drunk Guy's discovery, some people recall hearing the call being heard on a radio show in the 1990's, which would mean he is one of the few victims prior to the online soundboard community.

Drunken Wife Beater (Victim of: Philly Thug SB, Satanic Racist SB)

Discovered by: scr1ptic08

Herman is a clear Redneck who was called using a soundboard of the Philly Thug and more notably the Satanic Racist. He acted a bit maturely during the first call, just asking the Philly Thug not to call him anymore though with the Satanic Racist, he started lashing back, these calls are more well known due to his famous racist and violent comments from these calls. The man speaks with an intoxicated or elderly sounding voice. The usual depiction of him is usually a toothless old man, holding a light saber made of Beer cans.

Duncan’s Mother’s Friend (Victim of: Duncan SB)

Discovered by: Cobra4073

Duncan’s Mother’s Friend is a man seemingly in his 50’s or 60’s possibly by the sounds of it. He has a very deep and moronic sounding voice. He was called by a soundboard of Duncan. Unlike most prank call victims who become irritated or irate from "Duncan", D.M.F. appears to have some fun with his caller, making insults to the caller's mother (due to "Duncan" insulting his mom), asking him about his deodorant preference and even inviting him to the "Toy Chest" for some beer.

The call continues with the subject switching back to the callee's mother, and to the caller's sexual orientation. At the end, D.M.F. still invites "Frank" to join him for a beer in spite of "Frank's" attitude, but asks "Frank" to bring his own money to pay the bills of both of them.

Epic Crazy Lady (Victim of: Angry Black Guy SB, Arnold Schwarzenegger SB, Tom the Pissed Off Roofer SB…. etc)

Discovered by: CrankCallingYew 

The Epic Crazy Lady or simply ECL, is a victim who originated from an Angry Black Guy prank call. She is known for her bellowing voice and long-winded rants, telling people that "God needs to move in their lives, severely." She is also not shy about giving out her home address (900 Combs Road) and challenging the prank caller to come over so she can "show them what a whoopin' is" if the call goes on long enough.

She is usually (and quite appropriately) depicted as self-described "strong Christian fanatic" and "God warrior", Marguerite Perrin, from season 2 of the FOX reality TV series, "Trading Spouses", who became famous for her "televised freak-out" after coming home from a stay with a New Age family.

The last call made to her was made using a soundboard of Duncan and the Gay Florist, during this call she gives a speech about how she hopes that when their older and have kids that they have to deal with this. She blocked her number from all Skype calls or blocked numbers. Despite this, rather recently someone had called up a neighbor of hers with a soundboard of her voice. Her husband (below) was also bombarded with prank calls.

Epic Crazy Lady’s Husband (Victim of: Angry Black Guy SB, Duncan SB, Arnold Schwarzenegger SB…. etc)

Discovered by: CrankCallingYew

The Epic Crazy Lady's Husband or ECLH is the tough-talking and thoroughly racist husband of the Epic Crazy Lady. Not much is known about him, except that his name is Mike Swayze, and that he runs a diesel repair/tire service shop, which is located at the same address as his home in Hot Springs, Arkansas. He was originally called after the Epic Crazy Lady's home phone number was blocked, leaving only the husband's business line open for further prank calls.

The Last call that was made to him was made using a soundboard of Frank. During this call, ECLH threatened the caller saying that he would be in New York on Monday when they arrest his ass. Whether this is true or not is unknown, as xaozzz (the caller) had closed his account some time later leading some to believe that ECLH had actually gotten him. Despite the calls halting, ECLH’s number is unblocked but just has not been called for sometime.

Frank Garrett/Duncan (Victim of: Deacon Frost SB, Biff Tannen SB, SB of his own voice…. etc)

Discovered by: w3baholicX

Frank Garrett, more commonly known just as Duncan, is the owner of pole-barn building firm Duncan Construction and the most famous soundboard prank call victim of all time. Duncan lives and runs his business in Stilwell, Oklahoma, in the United States. He is known for his fiery temper and use of profanity in response to prank calls, and also for his quick witted responses and defiance in the face of any legal threats made against him. Frank is aged 72 as noted in a call; he is still involved with the manual labour side of the business, the reasons for which are unknown but presumably financial or because he enjoys his work. Frank himself has often been described as a controversial local figure when younger, with numerous enemies, however it is not known whether these are issues of family grudges or issues relative to Frank himself.

Duncan was originally called by the well known prankster w3baholic using a Deacon Frost soundboard from the movie "Blade". w3baholic was calling random liquor stores and dialed a number listed as Backstreet Liquor, which was answered by Frank Garrett at Duncan Construction. The directory used was evidently not up to date, but it is thought that the liquor business did once belong to Frank. His angry reaction to the soundboard provoked immediate interest in the Soundboard Prank Call community, who initially named him the "Drunk Guy," mistakenly thinking that he was intoxicated during the call. It is believed that Frank may have owned and operated Backstreet Liquor, credence to his past alcoholism.

The number was later given to prank caller, xaozzz who called up Frank using soundboards of Samuel L. Jackson, the Angry Black Gangsta, the Angry Black Guy and Tom the Pissed Off Roofer. Frank was even called with a soundboard of Biff Tannen from “Back to the Future” about 18 times in a row. The number eventually was given to more prankers and soon enough Frank was called several times, most calls made to him are made using a soundboard of his own voice.

Frank is probably the most called victim, however the calls have seemingly made Frank more bitter and angry, it is shown that as one user apologized to Frank at an early stage which Frank accepted however two others were made to him, which he angrily rejected. Most users agree that Frank has been called enough and the calls need to stop. On three occasions Frank’s granddaughters have picked up the phone and witnessed the calls themselves, the calls mainly being done with Frank’s own voice and a soundboard of the Jackass Plumber.

At one point the Stilwell Library which has been pranked numerous times with Frank filed a complaint. Which she reveals in a call; also revealing that Frank has as well filed reports and knew of the YouTube videos. The fact that they somehow found out about the YouTube videos has lead some people to speculate that they were tipped-off by a rat in the prank call community (verdantabyss). Not long after it was made, the call was released anonymously through the webmaster of one of the various prank call websites and the alarm quickly began to spread throughout the Soundboard Prank Call community. Xaozzz, who had been behind many of the Duncan prank calls, even posted a video telling people about the call and warning anyone with Duncan-related media or calls on their YouTube accounts to get rid of them ASAP, due to the threat of legal problems. The warning was heeded and incredibly, within about a week's time, the number of Duncan-related videos on YouTube dropped from hundreds, down to one single call, Duncan calls Domino's, which continues to survive today as the oldest Duncan call still on YouTube.

Unfortunately, the whole thing turned out largely to be much ado about nothing. In the end, nobody was arrested and only a few people actually had their YouTube accounts suspended over it. Sadly, there was one lasting effect of this incident, from which the Soundboard Prank Call community never fully recovered: although most have since been restored, more than a few of the prank calls and parodies that were removed are seemingly lost forever, as some people (especially the more prolific pranksters) even went as far as deleting the original copies off of their own computers, in case they were seized by the authorities.

Frank is usually represented with a picture of Prince Charles looking rather haggard and exhausted, sometimes with a barn photo shopped in the background. Also photo shopped to make him look overwhelmingly furious. However an actual picture of Frank was snapped sometime in 2009 caught while he was walking into his favorite diner, where he seems to go to every other week.

Gangsta Girl (Victim of: Ol’ Dirty Bastard)

Discovered by: Unknown

Gangsta Girl (also referred to as simply G-Girl or Angry Woman) was the victim of a prank call by late rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard and was one of the few victims to receive their own soundboard. It has since become one of the classic prank calls ever. She lives possibly somewhere in the East Coast of the United States and her phone has caller ID, hence the fact that she knows that whoever is calling her house by using ODB's soundboard is calling from a 212 number. Her picture depicts an African-American woman wearing a bandana, although some pranksters have used pics of random black women to represent her in their videos as well.

Gary Busey’s Stalker (Victim of: Frieza SB, Duncan SB, Satanic Racist SB)

Discovered by: acmilan32

John is a prank victim of soundboards of Frieza (from “Dragonball Z”), Duncan and the Satanic Racist. He works at a company named “McGuire’s”. His nickname comes from the fact that he keeps asking the caller to put Gary Busey on the phone. It is clear that he is either aware of soundboards or that he has been called with a soundboard of Gary Busey beforehand and identified it.

He constantly asks the caller Busey quote related questions such as “have you urinated yet?”, “what does fear stand for?” and “can you tell me the story about the camel and misty one hump?” He also tells the caller not to call him unless they’re using Gary Busey or Mr. T. At the end of the call, he thanks the caller for their conversation.

Gay Florist (Victim of: Duncan SB, Tom SB)

Discovered by: xaozzz

The Gay Florist is a florist who has a somewhat homosexual tone to his voice, though whether or not he truly is gay is unknown. He was first called with a soundboard of Duncan and Tom the Pissed Off Roofer. He was rather angry with these calls, and threatened to bust their heads wide open if he could see them. This original call to him is now presumably lost forever.

Recently, the Florist’s number was discovered again and more pranks have resumed to him.

Harlem Barber (Victim of: Angry Black Guy SB, Gay Florist SB, SB of own voice… etc)

Discovered by: doublegordo44

The Harlem Barber is the extremely short-tempered African-American owner of a barbershop in Harlem, NY. He has become one of the more popular prank call victims as of 2010 and is known for his frequent use of homophobic insults, especially the use of the word "faggot". The Harlem Barber was first discovered in April 2009 in a call featuring the Black Guy. Since then, roughly an hour's worth of calls have been placed to him, making him one of the most frequently called victims of all time, next to Duncan.

The Harlem Barber's real name is Joe. He became aware of soundboard use during a Billy Mays call, in which he referred to both the caller and the recording as a "bitch". He is currently aware of his existance as a prank call victim, answering the phone with the words "Harlem Barber" whenever prank callers dial back a second time and occasionally making reference to various soundboards that have been used against him, by asking things like, "Is this the Gay Florist?". He is usually depicted with a picture of Cedric the Entertainer from the movie Barbershop, although some prankers use other images.

At first flustered by the verbal onslaught he received, the Harlem Barber soon became angry and unleashed a slew of his own obscenities at the Black Guy, even accusing him of being a homo before hanging up. After he was called a second and third time over several minutes, he then tried to reason with him, but it wasn't long before he resumed his insults and threatened to track the Black Guy down and get his friends to help him beat him up. It wasn't until almost five months after this call, that the first Harlem Barber soundboard was made.

Other calls to this victim soon followed. A call by TheGoldenPhone2 featuring the Drunken Wife Beater was made in September, followed by a call with the Gay Florist in early October. AntiVenom9808, who would go on to make the Harlem Barber one of the Soundboard Prank Call community's more popular victims, called the Harlem Barber shortly afterward using such soundboards as the Chinaman, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Drunk Guy.

The Harlem Barber was quickly losing patience with the prank callers. At the start of 2010 he exploded in rage during an Angry Video Game Nerd prank call made by DragonSanPrankCalls. The Black Guy also made a return, calling the Harlem Barber at midnight. This would become one of most rage-filled calls ever made. A Joe Pesci call also got the Harlem Barber into a state of rage, where he threatened to cut Pesci's heart out of his asshole with a razor laced broomstick.

Generally all calls to the Barbershop, whether answered by the Harlem Barber or one of his employees, will be answered with a lazily pronounced greeting of "Barbershop". When the Harlem Barber is responded to, he'll either hang up instantly, blow a whistle into the phone, or scream insults back at the caller depending on his mood. In the original calls, he tried to reason with soundboards like the Gay Florist and was even nice to the Chinaman. All calls usually feature the constant use of the word "faggot" and other homophobic remarks. The Harlem Barber almost always accused the caller of wanting dick, and demands that the caller brings himself over to the Barbershop.

The Harlem Barber and his barbershop were featured in a 2008 60 minute documentary video highlighting the 2008 Presidential Election and the effect it had on the local Barbershops. Despite existing for months prior to the first Harlem Barber prank call, this documentary wasn't discovered by the prank call community until mid-2011. In the documentary the Harlem Barber's real appearance is revealed, along with the appearances of various employees and the inside of his barbershop. The documentary also proved that the female from the Gay Florist call thought to be the Harlem Barber's wife was in fact just another employee

High Redneck (Victim of: Duncan SB, Angry Black Guy SB, Chris Hansen SB. etc)

Discovered by: dizeestl

Dylan or the High Redneck is the Racist Redneck’s son, He is not racist like his father (i.e. myspace page if you can figure it out) and is known to be a pot addict, having admitted during one call that he was "looking for marijuana right now". When called, he often sounds like he's stoned out of his head, but this doesn't stop him from attempting to challenge to prank caller to a fight. He is usually very violent to the callers; threatening to beat their asses like a typical teenager who can't back their shit up. He has been called using soundboards of the Angry Black Guy, Frank Garrett, Chris Hansen, G-Girl and quite briefly one of his own father; though his real father took the phone from him not long after answering it.

Recently, the High Redneck’s MySpace account was discovered, in addition a picture of him smoking a joint along with it! To add to that, his (now-ex) Girlfriend's page was discovered, thus finding her cellphone number which lead to a few phone calls to her with his voice. Before this the usual picture used to represent him was of some actor or some crazy haired, demented looking guy holding a phone.

Rather more recently he was found again after two years, he was called with a soundboard of his own voice as well as a soundboard of his father. He knew it was his voice and his father's too. He states "Wow you think you can fool me with my own voice? You dumbass!". His voice notably changed since the last time he was first called in 2008. He is currently in college at the age of 19 (When the calls were made he was 17). His awareness of the calls were from the calls made to his girlfriend in late 2009, his phone number was likely found from it being posted on his MySpace.

Homer and Billie Scott (Victims of: Duncan SB, SB of Homer)

Discovered by: TheGoldenPhone/MistahBlonde2

Homer and Billie Scott are an elderly couple that lives in or near Stilwell, Oklahoma who have a pre-existing relationship with Frank Garrett/Duncan as evidenced by Frank and Billie. Not much was gathered from the two except that they are both in their late 70’s (Homer states he is 76) and that Homer is hard of hearing.

Their discovery was partly responsible on Frank’s part during a prank call made to him with a soundboard of Bob Chandler (Bob: “Why are you callin’ me on a Sunday afternoon?” Frank: “I don’t call you on a Sunday afternoon, is this supposed to be Homer Scott?”). Homer and Billie’s phone number was found the next day by TheGoldenPhone, who promptly called them.

During all calls, Homers wife Billie would answer the phone. During the first call, Homer was in the bathroom before getting on the phone. A small conversation with no progress had ensued. Frank’s insults didn’t sway Homer due to his hard hearing.

For the second call, Homer was asleep so Frank chatted with Billie which barely went anywhere other than Billie accusing Frank of being drunk. As for the next attempt, it was able to aggravate Billie, who no longer has much of a high regard for Frank (“I’ve always had a high regard for you, but listen my opinion is changing….. Quickly”) and this got to the point of annoying Homer who yelled at Frank.

A few hours after this exchange, a soundboard of the two would be made to call up the real Frank. Billie’s accusations and constant saying “Frank” have proved to annoy Frank so much that he has been called three other times with her.

The last call made to them was brief with a soundboard of Homer, which was seemingly identified by Billie before Homer picked up and immediately hung up when the caller switched to the Frank soundboard. Their number has either been changed or they just don’t reply. Homer is depicted with an elderly naked morbidly obese man with glasses and a watch out in a forest, seemingly getting sucked off (probably cut out or photoshopped in). Billie is depicted by a picture of a woman milking a goat by its dick.

Hotel Jackass (Victim of: Duncan SB, Chinaman SB, SB of own voice…. etc)

Discovered by: xaozzz

The Hotel Jackass (sometimes called the Hotel Smartass) was a smart-mouthed desk clerk at the Holiday Inn at South Lake Tahoe, California. The first call made to him was made using a Chinaman soundboard, in which he mimics him and remarks about how he sounds like that guy from Paradise Island. He was called up various other times with soundboards of Ultimate Warrior, Duncan, Tom the Pissed Off Roofer and Officer Rivieri. He was later even called with a soundboard of himself, which he threatened to call the police on. He has not been called much recently, however one call was made under a series of Chris the Hacker soundboard rampages in which a Blow horn or “Spoof Horn” is immediately blown when he picked up the phone.

The Hotel Jackass is obviously aware of his internet fame, as when he was called up with a soundboard of his voice for the second time, he actually uses his quote from a soundboard (likely from realmofdarkness) "Stop callin' my hotel!"

Irate Black Man (Victim of: Joe Pesci SB, Gay Florist SB, Angry Black Guy SB.... etc)

Discovered by: americanlackey

DeNardo Monroe, nicknamed the Irate Black Man is a victim who originated from a Joe Pesci prank call and ranks as one of the most violent prank victims ever, having become well known for repeatedly making incredibly violent threats (including death threats and threats of sexual assault) which are heavily laced with ebonics and ghetto slang.

Not much is known about this victim, except that he lives in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois with his mom (who made a brief appearance when the when the Gay Florist called their home) and claims that his whole family is on the police force. He seems to be a dangerous man and ironically (considering his family's supposed law enforcement background) is possibly a gang member as well, having referred to himself as a "gangsta" in at least one call. His pictures are Ving Rhames. He has quickly become one of the funniest and most popular new victims.

When called, he will typically start out by asking "Who's speaking?", often repeating this question several times and then quickly becoming violent as his temper flares. As the call progresses, he becomes even angrier and more violent, especially if called for a 2nd or 3rd time, and typically will challenge the caller to "meet him somewhere", all the while claiming that he will "put a bullet in yo' ass" or "smoke you" if you call his "crib" again.

He is also very proud of his African-American heritage and seems to harbor some anti-Semitic bias as well, taking particular offense if called a "White Boy" or "Jew".

Jackass Plumber (Victim of: Duncan SB, Dr. Phil SB, Jim Carrey SB, SB of own voice…. etc)

Discovered by: xaozzz

Bill Cole, named simply the Jackass Plumber is the president of AA Plumbing/Culver Plumbing in O'Fallon, Missouri. The Jackass Plumber is a highly popular prank call victim whom continues to be the recipient of prank calls by various prank callers, some of which have been doing so for years. His soundboard is regarded as one of the most heavily used. He is known for frequently making homophobic and poverty-themed epithets to prank callers and stringing together some variant combination of "Unemployed, homeless fuck." He is even more regarded for his trademark deep and obnoxious laugh. Although he often makes fun of the caller's perceived speech impediment, he himself often stutters or pauses in between words.

By the 12th call, the Jackass Plumber has started becoming annoyed by the calls and starts yelling at the callers. At one point, he finds out that he is on YouTube under “Jackass Plumber” (“If I go online,,  Jackass Plumber, and I download a virus onto your computer, would you like that?). Even at one point, he states that he will sue Google in order to get all the IP addresses of the users who have called him.

In spite of being aware that he is on YouTube and even issuing warnings to people on the internet not to react to prank calls, he continues to interact with soundboards. When called with his own voice, common themes are a dual laugh (the soundboard and the real Jackass Plumber laughing simultaneously), generally with amusing results, and matching him line for line, as he tends to simply puts new spins on the same lines.

Jake (Victim of: Confused Old Lady SB, Chris the Hacker SB)

Discovered by: TheGoldenPhone

Jake Malotesta, initially dubbed the Confused Little Kid, is perhaps the youngest soundboard victim in history, with the possible exception of Brian. He lives in New Hampshire and his mother Brenda is believed to be the either the CEO of a regional business or the head of a regional branch of a corporation. Her son is extremely well-mannered and polite on the call from the Confused Old Lady, and it is for this reason that he is often grouped with profanity-laced boards such as Brian or the Canadian Teens, the latter sounding much alike as his voice hasn't dropped. The stark difference in tone allows hilarity to ensue when the victim is startled by the radical change of tone. His mother has since figured out her son was turned into a soundboard. Jake in a previous call and subsequent others talked to at least three employees of his mother's company, all of whom seem to know the boy well and have a warm opinion of him.

The latter call ("Jake prank calls his Mom and her Business") resulted in John, a colleague of Jake's mother, visting Chris the Hacker, in which he forgot to hang up the phone and was recorded having a conversation with John where he details how much aggravation the prank callers have caused him (see Chris above).

Jesus Lady (Victim of: Duncan SB, Arnold Schwarzenegger SB)

Discovered by: CrankCallingYew

The Jesus Lady was a prank call victim who is seemingly overly religious and prays for her prank callers. She is a Pentecostal or Evangelical, as evidenced by her habit of mentioning Jesus in her calls. She and her husband run a business of some sort.

When she was called with a soundboard of Frank Garrett, she started to pray for him saying “The blood of Jesus is against, you Frank Garrett. I plead the blood of Jesus…..” and so on. She was called again later using a soundboard of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Life Coach (Victim of: Tom the Pissed Off Roofer SB)

Discovered by: soundboardking

The Life Coach is an African American man who was called using a soundboard of Tom the Pissed Off Roofer, he picks up the phone only after his co-workers do, he tells Tom that aint nobody been callin’ him. He also threatens him that if he calls again, he will get his neck broke. A Picture of Samuel L. Jackson is used to represent him.

Lunatic Redneck (Victim of: Racist Redneck SB)

Discovered by: ChrisSantos21

The Lunatic Redneck was called up using a soundboard of the Racist Redneck. Which in this call, the Lunatic Redneck spazzed out on the caller. The Lunatic Redneck is an obvious racist towards blacks and Mexicans and a clear homophobe, to me a typical redneck.

Mack Magilligutty/Dennis (Victim of: Drunk Guy SB, Satanic Racist SB, SB of own voice…. etc)

Discovered by: firstcoming

Mack Magilligutty is a foreign man with a high pitched timid voice residing in Canada, he works at an Escort service according to firstcoming, based in Canada owned by James Tingle in the United Kingdom. He was first called up with a soundboard of the Drunk Guy. He was later called up with a soundboard of Drug & Alcohol Lady, the Springfield Pervert and the Satanic Racist. In the last two calls used with the Springfield Pervert and the Satanic Racist, Mack seemed to be getting a good laugh out of them. Mack usually suspects the callers to either someone called Dennis or “Fritz the Cat”. He was apparently laid off from his old job, however after some research he was found again and called up with a soundboard of his own voice, and firstcoming even went to the length of letting him listen to the original calls made to him through the phone. After these calls firstcoming gaave Mack a break as a reward for being "such a good sport".

Mad Mopar Man (Victim of: Rick the Mullet Man SB)

Discovered by: TotalRedial

The Mad Mopar Man was a victim of a Rick the Mullet Man prank, where he was apparently called after leaving a message to a number he saw on Craigslist regarding some dodge parts. During the call he appears to be a fairly short tempered man, starting to yell and cuss at Rick before Rick begun to, calling him a 'dickhead' numerous times, and was so aggravated by Rick that he involved his local police. An officer (Officer Johnson) talked with Rick in the last call.

Little is known about the Mopar Man other than that he lives in St. Charles, Missouri (evidenced by the officer). He was promptly made into a soundboard after the calls, part of his Soundboard having an Officer Johnson section.

Mark the Wanker (Victim of: Duncan SB)

Discovered by: XxVideoPersonxX

Mark the Wanker is a British Prank victim of Duncan, characterized by his constant referring to the victim as “knobhead” or “dickhead”. Mark was called over his cellphone by Duncan constantly. Mark continued to refer to Duncan as a “knobhead” and keep asking him where he lives so he can “come round and kick the shit outta ya”. Mark also noticed that Duncan was merely a recording quickly, (“you’re on a loop”) though believed that it was actually from a movie.

Mark’s name was discovered when a soundboard was made of him and attempted to call him back with it, though his own mother picked up and hung up when her son’s soundboard threatened to kick the shit out of her.

Mark’s call was originally thought lost for an amount of time, but the original call has recently resurfaced after a couple years. Mark is usually depicted with a man’s head floating over a pay telephone.

Mrs. Haze (Victim of: Philly Thug SB)

Discovered by: SolidSnakeProductions

Mrs. Haze was the victim of a prank voice chat from a Philly Thug soundboard on Xbox Live. She was playing a game of Uno when the prankster logged in.

She was initially annoyed with his antics, but become defensive once she was called a "faggot white piece of shit". At this point, she proclaimed that she is not white.

A second prank was made to the game, to provoke her into giving more responses. She asked the prankster about why he gets amusement by logging into Uno: a family game, and swearing at people. "Philly Thug" called her a "dude" which irritated her, causing her to proclaim that she is a girl and accuse the him of playing with a blow-up doll and living in a trailer. She was accused of being caucasian again, and proclaimed that she is not white, once again.

After the "assault" on the Uno game, she left the prankster some messages on his voice mail, telling him to go chat with somebody else, "grow-the-fuck-up Jacob.", once again proclaiming that she is a female, and warning him that she has family members on the police force. She also suspected that she was being harassed with recordings as well.

Mrs. Haze's depiction is typically of Soletta Orahimi from the anime "Sakura Wars".

New York City Cunt (Victim of: Internet Telemarketer SB)

Discovered by: TheMerlinofAR

The New York City Cunt (also known as NYC Cunt, or less explicitly NYCC or Pissed-Off NY Lady) was the victim of a prank phone call using an Internet Telemarketer soundboard. The female answering the phone became annoyed right away from the call.

The lady was very offended at being called at 2:30 AM, and threatened to report the call, demanding to have her number put on the D.N.C. list. Even more maddening to her was the fact that the caller was blocking their number, provoking her to demand the actual phone number, and threaten to call 9-1-1 over this call. The New York Lady began to call the caller insulting names, including "cunt" and consider the telemarketer to be deaf or stupid.

The depiction of this victim is Rosie-O-Donnel.

Peggy /Lady Death (Victim of: Duke Nukem SB)

Discovered by: GreatVideoCompiler

Peggy was a victim who endured repeated harassment by Duke Nukem in her Ventrilo server playing Lord of the Rings Online. After several minutes of this, she quickly flipped out and began spouting-off a large amount of profanity and uber-violent threats. When that failed to stop Duke from bothering her (and in fact, only encouraged more of it), she began to experience a possible mental breakdown, saying (in a panicked voice) that she was "getting chills again". She was quickly given her own victim soundboard which has been used in more than a few prank calls, as well as for more Ventrilo harassment. Dubbed "Lady Death" due to her propensity for making death threats, she is usually depicted as the comic book character of the same name.

There was a second harassment to her, this time with the prankster using his real voice. He insulted Peggy, calling her a "spic" mistakenly interpreting her accent to be Hispanic (when it sounds more like New York). He also hardly lets her speak out, ruining the chance for more lines. The second harassment is far less popular than the first and generally considered to be not very funny.

Philly Thug (Victim of: High Redneck SB)

Discovered by: pinaphillyz420

The Philly Thug is a young, tough-talking male who was prank called by, the High Redneck. He resides in Bell County, which is probably Bell County, Texas and has been to Iraq.

He apparently was expecting a call from Josh Bales or "Family Dentist", but to his amusement, a drugged up redneck phoned him and started trying to pick a fight. He makes lines about how the caller is just a high school student and warns the caller that he'd be fighting a man, because the "High Redneck" boasted about how he is only 17 and could probably beat his ass.

Near the end of the prank, Philly Thug told a girl in the room about "some inbreed redneck on the phone" and she took over the conversation, providing a couple of additions lines asking about how sexy High Redneck is.

His number was lost after the call was made to him. A picture of Kevin Federline is used typically to represent the thug.

Pig Sex Guy (Victim of: Chris Hansen SB, SB of own voice, Springfield Pervert SB)

Discovered by: soundboardking

The Pig Sex guy is a perverted and probably homosexual man who was called up using a soundboard of Chris Hansen on a sex chat line. Only after the board of Chris Hansen just asks plainly “Do you like Anal?”, the disturbed little man seems to go on a rant about what he likes, most being perverted and disturbingly sexual. A board of him was afterwards made and used to call the more popular Springfield Pervert. Later however the Pig Sex Guy was found again on the same chat and called with both a soundboard of the Springfield Pervert and his own voice from the previous call.

Pissed off Telemarketer (Victim of: High Redneck SB)

Discovered by: ekosquad

The Pissed off Telemarketer is a worker for Condom depot, who was called up by a soundboard of the High Redneck, which during this call he almost immediately tells the caller that they will be calling the police and that they’ve already contacted Skype about the calls. He rambled on about how the caller was an inbreed mother fucker (“Why doncha go fuck your sister while your mother fucking films it, you mother fucker!”).

Pissed off Waitress (Victim of: Racist Barmaid SB, Duncan SB, Junkyard Willie SB… etc)

Discovered by: Gabe B.

Linda “the Pissed off Waitress” is an employee at a Denny's restaurant. She is thought to possibly be the head waitress or night manager and answered the phone more than any other employee when the restaurant was called.

She was first prank called by the Racist Barmaid (Jennifer) and the Blockbuster Bitch and then later by Junkyard Willie, with hillarious results. However, her biggest moment of fame arrived when she was nearly driven to insanity by repeated late night calls from Duncan. Adding to the lulz of the situation, she eventually put two-and-two together, realized that Duncan was a soundboard and erroneously concluded that "Jennifer" from the earlier calls was a real person who was behind the whole thing. As a result, Linda took to accusing anyone who called her (even Junkyard Willie) of really being Jennifer and on at least one occasion, could be heard ranting to someone in the background that she was "so sick and tired of her."

Ironically, during one of the calls, it was also revealed that the Pissed Off Waitress apparently has a daughter who is also named Jennifer, leading at least one employee to mistakenly think that the Racist Barmaid was her calling for her mom.

Racist Barmaid (Victim of: Biff Tannen SB, SB of own voice)

Discovered by: Gabe B.

Jennifer the Racist Barmaid is a victim who originated from a Biff Tannen prank call. Not much is known about her, except that she works at a place known as the Hollywood Tavern and apparently doesn't like black people; a fact which came to light when she somehow mistook Biff for a black person (never mind that he doesn't even sound black) and called him some racial names. She is also extremely smart-mouthed and, not realizing she was being recorded, egged Biff on every time something was said to her. Ironically, she would later become the first victim of her own soundboard and was not amused to say the least.

Her victim soundboard is not among one of the more popular ones out there, but still managed to gain some significant notoriety after it was used, along with a companion soundboard of the Blockbuster Bitch, to prank call a Denny's restaurant, giving rise to the victim who would later come to be known as the Pissed Off Waitress.

Racist Redneck (Victim of: Angry Black Guy SB, Duncan SB… etc)

Discovered by: dizeestl

Ronald H. Everett Jr. (commonly dubbed as the Racist Redneck) is a victim of the Black Guy and Duncan who resides somewhere in Thomasville, North Carolina. He is the father of the High Redneck and is also a possible member of the KKK, having answered his phone on at least one occasion (during a call by the Jesus Lady) with the line, "Hello, national headquarters of the Ku Klux Klan, may I help you?" If true, him being a Klansman would go a long way towards explaining his violent racist tendencies.

Although called several times with different soundboards he responded with the most extremely angry and racist remarks to the black guy's repetitive lines, even saying "a stupid fucking nigger" on cue when asked who he was talking too. It is believed that the Racist Redneck was intoxicated during most of the conversations.

Raging Dispatcher (Victim of: Random Asshole SB, Yankee Tough Guy SB, Rick the Mullet Man SB .etc)

Discovered by: SBCallingYew

The Raging Dispatcher is the repugnant Dispatcher for a Taxi Company somewhere in Pennsylvania called in a series of 5 videos titled “Taxi Rage”. He has no qualms over giving personal information, having given his address, city and company, all of which have been censored in the calls. He claims that he makes $24 an hour, $400 a day at a menial Taxi company. He usually assumes that people are jerking off to his voice or kiddy porn.

He was first called by SBCallingYew’s brother apparently which lead to SBCallingYew calling him with a soundboard of the Random Asshole. The Raging Dispatcher knew that the callers were using Skype before he ever knew that he was talking to soundboards. In many calls, he would put them on hold and when picking up would comment on how they were talking to dead air for however many minutes. He also would barely ever let the caller have a word, showing that he’s a loud mouth. He would be called several more times with soundboards of the Yankee Tough Guy (several times), AA Asshole, the High Redneck, Epic Crazy Lady’s Husband, Pissed Off Telemarketer, Philly Thug, Rick the Mullet Man, Jackass Plumber, Screaming Lawyer and the Satanic Racist. During the last call series, he would tell the caller the time, apparently trying to trace the caller. He was clearly on edge and even spazzed out and screamed at the Rick the Mullet Man soundboard. At the end he apparently realizes that he’s talking to a soundboard.

Random Asshole (Victim of: Duncan SB, Rick SB, SB of own voice)

Discovered by: TheGoldenPhone

The Random Asshole as his name implies is a victim who was called completely at random using a soundboard of Duncan. The Random Asshole had given the typical response, yelling and cussing into the phone, asking why they're calling this fuckin phone! In the midst of the call, he also says that somebody wants to talk with the caller and another person gets on the phone aparently. The voices sound very alike however.

The Random Asshole became notably popular and was eventually called up using a soundboard of his own voice a month or so after his first call was made, he was obviously oblivious as to the fact it was his own voice. He was later called again with a soundboard of his own voice, which at this point he seemed to possibly know it was his own voice ("Uhhh.... It's supposed to be someone really fucked up like you!")

His soundboard is laced with vulgarity, and threats of cruel bodily harm in a very hostile tone. The threats may be merely idle threats that sound intimidating judging by how extreme they are however.

The Random Asshole is seemingly rarely called, and theGoldenPhone seems to be the only one to contain his number. Most likely as so not to overuse the victim

Redneck Bitch (Victim of: Duncan SB)

Discovered by: xaozzz

The Redneck Bitch is the victim of repeated prank calls by Duncan. Not much is known about her, except that she lives in the little town of Poolville, Texas, claims to be 57 years old and has a job that she works. She has since been made into her own soundboard, which has been used in numerous prank calls.

Redneck Roofer (Victim of: Duncan SB, Duke Nukem SB, Arnold Schwarzenegger SB… etc)

Discovered by: CrankCallingYew

Richard Holiday, commonly dubbed "The Redneck Roofer" due to his accent and location is a Roofer that was called up using a soundboard of Duncan. He was later called back using soundboards of Duke Nukem, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom the Pissed Off Roofer and even a soundboard of himself.

He is the propieter of "Holiday Roofing" in Hot Springs, Arkansas (Ironically the same place of residence as ECL and ECLH). He has a wife called Jeannie, who can usually be heard giving input over the phone; she also answers the phone on occasion.

The Original calls to him excluding the original Duncan call (which was archived beforehand) are proported as lost after the 2010 Sugar Creek incident. However, despite the long pauses in calls; he has been called more recently by other callers. Most notably when he was three wayed into a conversation with the real Frank Garrett/Duncan. In other calls he was called with soundboards of the Mad Mopar Man and the Jackass Plumber. Later calls show him being annoyed by these calls more so than his first experiences.

Redneck Teen (Victim of: Duncan SB)

Discovered by: xXVideoPersonXx

The Redneck Teen is a teenager residing somewhere in Stilwell, Oklahoma who was victim to a soundboard of Duncan, during this call he angrily threatens Duncan several times usually threats regarding how he’ll shove his shotgun up his ass. The Redneck Teen is apparently the son of Thomas Wilson, who was mentioned in a call to Charles from A to Z Pawn.

Rich the Prick (Victim of: Random Asshole SB, Rick the Mullet Man SB, Yankee Tough Guy SB .etc)

Discovered by: TehPrankCaller/SBCallingYew

Rich Warner, fittingly dubbed “Rich the Prick” is a prank call victim from Pennsylvania discovered during a prank call rampage with the Random Asshole dubbed “The Random Assault”. Rich is a notorious pill popper in his city, who is known to scam people. It is clear that Rich is a very violent, threatening, short tempered, racist and somewhat goofy individual. He lives in the same town as The Raging Dispatcher.

Rich was called first with soundboards of the Random Asshole, the Philly Thug and Rick the Mullet Man. During this first call, Rich has more fun with the callers than anything else. Though during the second one (With the Random Asshole and Rick again) Rich shows his violent side much more, apparently thinking the call was authentic this time around until Rick jumps in with his AR15 spaz out line. Rich shined when he was called with a soundboard of the Yankee Tough, being called back multiple times. Rich is represented with a picture of stand up comedian Rich Hall.

Rick the Mullet Man (Victim of: Tom the Pissed Off Roofer SB, Duncan SB, Tiesha SB)

Discovered by: Mr88Nismo

Rick the Mullet Man is a victim of numerous prank calls. He is one of the more violent prank victims and has become known for threatening to drive to victims' homes and shoot them with an AR-15 assault rifle. Not very much is known about Rick personally, except that he has a wife named Karen, who answered the phone during one of the early calls to their house, and that he claims to be 40 years old.

The very first calls to Rick were made as part of a series by 88Nismo, in which he harassed various people who had posted their home phone numbers on Craigslist ads. This included calls by Tom the Pissed Off Roofer, Duncan, and Tiesha. His reaction to Duncan was so strong, that a set of follow-up calls with this soundboard were made, leading Rick to erroneously conclude that it was Frank who was behind the whole thing. Rick was apparently so convinced of this, that he even looked-up the name "Frank Garrett" in the phonebook, found that there was someone by this name who lived at 11216 Burton Street in Sugar Creek/Independence, Missouri and decided that this was the same Frank Garrett who had been harassing him.

Other calls to Rick included a set of calls made by the Black Guy, Officer Martin, and the Satanic Racist, as well as a one-shot call by the Drunk Guy. With the exception of the Officer Martin call, Rick automatically assumed each time that it was Duncan calling him again.

Rick's victim soundboard, which is heavily laden with profanity and threats of death and violence, holds the infamous distinction of causing an ongoing police investigation and a short exposé of the Soundboard Prank Call community on FOX News after it was used to harass a neighborhood in Sugar Creek, Missouri.

Rude Lawyer (Victim of: Duncan SB, SB of himself)

Discovered by: TheGoldenPhone

The Rude Lawyer was the victim of a prank call from a Duncan soundboard. The Rude Lawyer becomes irritated when "Duncan" tells him that he hopes he gets cancer.

Initially, the call was polite, but "Duncan" started provoking him gradually with name calling, until the point that "Rude Lawyer" mentioned that he has been nursing a family member with cancer all day. Holding nothing back, the prankster plays a sounding clip that tells the Lawyer "Hope you get cancer." This caused the Rude Lawyer to become aggressive, insulting "Duncan's" family members crudely after further provocation; also, (after Duncan made a comment about him being unable to read a book, let alone be a lawyer) he threatened that he is/was a lawyer.

The conversation became more civil after the previous heated exchange, with "TheGoldenPhone" just playing around with the Lawyer to produce more responses.

At the end, the prankster calls the Lawyer back with the resulting soundboard from the previous calls. The Lawyer found this "awesome". Finally, he prevented his phone from accepting incoming calls, possibly realizing that he was being pranked.

This is not all however: "TheGoldenPhone" later called Frank Garrett up on his mobile phone. He was driving on the road at the time, and told the caller that he was pulling over due to wind. Eventually, he picks up the phone and the "Rude Lawyer" insults him, and starts accusing Frank of calling him. The prankster also insults Frank's family, causing Frank to correct him by saying that he doesn't have a wife or any daughters, but he "knows one piece of shit this sitting on the end of this line."

At the end, "TheGoldenPhone" plays the line "I've been here nursing a family member with cancer all day." Frank tells him that he doesn't care, so the prankster replies: "I hope you fucking die you piece of shit.", causing Frank to respond by saying that he hopes the caller's cancer patient dies.

Rude Woman (Victim of: Gay Florist SB, Deputy Martin SB, Duncan SB)

Discovered by: Pranksforever2k9

The Rude Woman is a British and possibly African American woman who works at a hotel. She is known for her bizarre and provocative lines spoken with a nevertheless professional-sounding posture. At one point she speaks in an almost demonic tongue (after the "mother's cunt" line). She was called using a soundboard of the Gay Florist along with Deputy Martin, which she only found as a total joke. She mocked them about how their only fat redneck cracka’s. In the end of the call Duncan appears to give the last few insults.

A user going by the name of dehm9 recently went around claiming that they were the Rude Woman and told them to take down the pranks or else she would get her lawyers involved. Though some listened to the request. It has been seemingly confirmed it is only an internet troll.

Sal the Bar Guy (Victim of: Al Pacino SB)

Discovered by: Unknown

Sal is a worker for a Bar, the original call to him is missing, the call seems to be lost. But from the lines, he seemed to be called with a soundboard of Al Pacino’s character, Richard Roma from "Glengarry Glen Ross" (1992). It is important to note that Sal was one of the first victim boards to ever be made.

Satanic Racist (Victim of: ECLH SB, DeNiro Redneck SB, Philly Thug SB…. etc)

Discovered by: soundboardking/metalboss44

Darrel is a possible racist and Satan worshipper (either that or he has a real dark and cruel sense of humor) who currently resides in Chicago, working in the Escort business. He also apparently spent 10 years in the Marine Corps. He was first called using a soundboard of an Asian woman from an Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboard call. He tried to be helpful only to answer her question “Why you wanna know that?” with “Well I just wanna know who ya been fuckin’ ya dirty skank!” Further the call went on only to be continued using a soundboard of the Life Coach, at that point he continued mostly with Racial indiscretions before hanging up. The Satanic Racist was later called with a soundboard of the Epic Crazy Lady’s Husband and the two get up in a large and racist argument, where SR refers to him as “Nigger Lover” after being called a Nigger several times by ECLH. In this call he reveals his name as Lucifer, his friends call him Lou, however it is clear this is some gag. His name is Darrell according to people who have called in unrecorded correspondances with him.

Later, he was called further using soundboards of the DeNiro Redneck, High Redneck, Springfield Pervert, Chow Yun-Fat and the Philly Thug. Some consider the Philly Thug the last good call to the Racist. During this call, he further reveals that he’s been in the Marine Corps. for 10 years. There are two calls that were made that are currently lost, during these calls the Satanic Racist was called up twice with a soundboard of Duncan and even a soundboard of his own voice.

The calls ceased after a while, until he was called with a lowered version of the Tom the Pissed Off Roofer soundboard to make him “Tom the Pissed Off Roid User”, during this call, the Satanic Racist’s voice has clearly changed from the last calls. Some just say he’s gotten his life in order. He was called again with the Springfield Pervert, in which he states he’s got a warrant out for their arrest, it seems he was likely fibbing. The newer calls to him are almost always very brief and most of his new quotes along with the change in his voice are apparantely considered unworthy for a soundboard. The longest he has stayed on the phone for newer calls are the Springfield Pervert and Rick the Mullet Man calls.

The soundboard is easily one of the most racist (if not the most racist) soundboards in existence, containing numerous racial slurs against those of African decent, and threats of violence, should the caller show up or give their address. In addition, he boasts about being a "fuckin' devil" and "sending dark energy"; hence the name "Satanic Racist".

Dent Myers, the proprietor of Wildman's Civil War Surplus and Herb Shop, a store in Kennesaw selling Civil War, KKK and Nazi memorabilia is used to represent the Satanic Racist.

Sergeant Libski (Victim of: Drunk Guy SB, Deputy Martin SB)

Discovered by: TheGoldenPhone

Sergeant Libski is possibly an officer called by the Drunk Guy during an ongoing harassment to AA, and that being said it really isn’t clear if Sergeant Libsky is a real police sergeant or if he is an AA employee pretending to be one. Sergeant Libski claims to be of the Fort Lauderdale, Florida Police Force. Almost immediately, Libski assumed that the Drunk Guy was prank calling. He claimed he was sending officers out to his house, which he said was in Washington D.C. He refers to the Drunk Guy as “a Fucking Bastard” when he tells him that he’s not a “fuckin’ cop”. In response, they call him back with Deputy Martin, which was cut short due to phone problems on Libski’s end.

The main thing that calls Libski into question is that one of the Alcohol Drug Helpline workers in that same call sounds very much like him and that he seems to claim to be of the Washington PD in the third call.

Springfield Pervert (Victim of: Pig Sex Guy SB)

Discovered by: soundboardking

The Springfield Pervert is a man who unwittingly became a prank victim after talking to a soundboard on a phone sex line. He was apparently looking for anonymous gay sex and didn't realize he was being recorded. His victim soundboard has since produced some of the most sexually explicit, perverted and utterly filthy prank calls ever made, which are rivaled perhaps only by Chris Hansen in their sheer depravity. He is usually depicted as convicted sex offender and former TV personality, Vincent "Don Vito" Margera from the popular MTV shows, "Viva La Bam" and "Jackass".

Stuck in the Elevator Guy (N/A)

Discovered by: N/A

Dave Morgan, more commonly known as the Stuck in the Elevator Guy was not a victim of a prank call, but is used frequently to call people up with. He was the former owner of “Kitty’s” Diner in Utica, New York, who flipped out on a help line service about his broken elevator. He threatens the telemarketer and uses constant cuss-words over the phone. By the sounds of it, it seems its not the first time the elevator broke down. He threatens to punch the repairman if he wasn’t there in 5 minutes.

Dave’s restaurant was closed sometime in June 2007, apparently due to contaminated waters. Not very sure it was truly closed or not, but there was a dispute that’s all I know!

The Student (Victim of: Duncan SB, High Redneck SB, Jackass Plumber SB….. etc)

Discovered by: dizeestl

Justin is a college-aged prank call victim, called several times using a soundboard of Frank Garrett which were quite lengthy calls, and Jesus Lady later made an appearance towards the end of another call. He seems to get somewhat of a kick out of it. He is on other occasions called using soundboards of the High Redneck, Racist Redneck and Jackass Plumber.

The Yellers (Victims of: Jackass Plumber SB, Angry Black Guy SB, Rick the Mullet Man SB)

Discovered by: TheGoldenPhone

The Yellers are a family called various times, recognized by their constant spas-outs. Their names are Bill and Sharon as indicated as the series of calls to them progressed. Bill is 48, has blood pressure problems, gets overly butthurt about any mention of his deceased mother and obviously has some sort of anger issues. Sharon is as equally daranged as her husband. During the course of the pranks it’s become clear that Sharon and Bill blame the endless calls on a local man named Rick Francisco who they attempted to attack in revenge and chased him up a hill, as they claim in these calls.

The first call made to them was over their daughter’s cell with a soundboard of the Jackass Plumber; her father picked up and was immediately angered by the caller calling up his daughter and swearing at her. He angrily shouted indistinguishably at the caller, getting angered by the Plumber soundboards cussing.

The second instance was used with a soundboard of the Angry Black Guy; in this call the Yeller was rather calm. His wife however came on the phone and spazzed out on the caller for cussing her children out. Not too much can be gathered from the Yeller wife, other than that she’s racist and also a perfect match for the Yeller. The Yeller’s wife is included in the soundboard.

It would be months before the Yeller would be called again, him being three wayed into a conversation with a White Trash girl. During this conversation he was able to keep calm since the Girl wasn’t getting overly belligerent and was more confused.

Again he would be three wayed into two conversations with a soundboard of Rick the Mullet Man who accused him of calling him. The call was probably made because the previous one failed to produce a spaz-out from the Yeller. He would be put into a conversation of a Latino couple who were called numerous times beforehand by Rick. Both acted like punks and insulted the Yeller constantly believing he was the one calling them. First the Yeller spazzed out on the Rick the Mullet Man soundboard, not the victim. However when the Latino Punk’s girlfriend picked up, she kept mocking him and would not let him explain the situation. The Yeller then screams “I DIDN’T CALL YOU, YOU CALLED MY GOD DAMNED NUMBER!!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!?!?” in the phone as she continues mocking him, stopping and possibly scaring her off the phone (it’s unclear as her words were covered by the Yeller’s shouts).

Since these calls, there has been a constant and ongoing series of prank calls to the two... This even leading to Bill permanately blocking his number. The assault on Bill and Sharon include being conferenced into several conversations with mostly police stations and random homes all over the country. Sharon still recieves these calls.

The Picture used to represent the Yeller is of actor Tom Atkins’ from the movie “Halloween III: Season of the Witch”. His wife is represented by an angry sneering Redneck woman with glasses.

Tiesha (Victim of: White Thug Girl SB, G-Girl SB)

Discovered by: DewFuzz

Tiesha is an African American woman who was called using soundboards of G-Girl and the White Thug Girl.

She is a loud, proud and sassy black woman from Compton, California who is not afraid to give as good as she gets when pranked. She is known to live with her mother and has a 10-year-old nephew (apparently her brother's son) who answered the phone when the White Thug Girl called them. Her soundboard was later used in a coalition of soundboards against African 419 scammers. The Nigerian guy who answered said that Tiesha couldn't speak English.

Toilet Lady (Victim of: Duncan SB)

Discovered by: xaozzz

The Toilet Lady, along with Redneck Bitch, was one of the many victims incessantly harassed by Duncan during Duncan's Rampage. She is characterized by her one off line “ya wanna argue, go in the toilet and argue!” She became increasingly provoked as Duncan kept calling, and is unarguably most well known for her unintentionally incoherent ramblings. The last attempt to call her was picked up by her son who promptly said “Frank, go to Hell!” and warned him that the cops would be at his door shortly.

She was originally depicted by just an old lady on the phone, but after xaozzz’s return to prank calling, her new depiction was of an old lady in a felt toilet suit.

Tom the Pissed Off Roofer (Victim of: Duncan SB, George W. Bush SB, SB of own voice…. etc)

Discovered by: xaozzz

Tom Adkins is a roofer and owner of A&S Roofing. He has a wife named Barbara who served in the fire department for 25 years. Tom is 65 years old and currently resides in Muncie, Indiana. As one of the earlier victims to become a soundboard, he quickly rose to a high degree of popularity, currently second perhaps only to Duncan. He's known for an agressive, no-frills attitude that tends to elicit strong responses from victims of his soundboard. Tom's company is often mistakenly thought to be called ANS Roofing; a product of his Midwestern accent.

Tom was essentially one of the first people to be called using what was then a nascent Duncan soundboard which contained significantly fewer lines than modern soundboards. Although he was also prank called later on by Hank Hill and even George W. Bush soundboards, it was Duncan's repeated harassment that began it, with another call made by the Young Redneck, after which YouTube pranker SoCalCoaster created an intial soundboard of Tom, which was subsequently used on Tom himself to create several more classic quotes, such as: "I don't call you, you asshole, you call me!" and, after asking "Tom" if the pranksters were calling him, too, "Sombody must be calling me and you, somehow, on the same fuckin' numbers."

Later calls to Tom and A&S Roofing, including those by the Jackass Plumber would be far and few between and fail to anger Tom enough to produce new soundboard material, other than a response to the Satanic Racist's "I'm gonna take your dick, i'll cut it off and stick it in your god damned old lady's ass and sow it shut" line, to which Tom snapped back "You couldn't beat your own meat, much less anybody else!" This line, however, is very rarely used, if ever, in prank calls most likely thanks to bad quality issues. In more recent times, Tom no longer tolerates prank calls, and hangs up immediately. He was said to have blocked all Skype and Private numbers, though this is most likely not the case.

In another more recent call, he and his employees have been shown to have been watching the calls rather recently as they actually fooled with the prank caller. Tom coming on and asking if they had George Bush on

Towing Guy (Victim of: Duncan SB, Jackass Plumber SB, Duncan’s Mother’s Friend SB… etc)

Discovered by: enjoicam

John, the Towing Guy is a worker for GM Towing. He is usually somewhat of a wiseass toward the callers. Asking questions like “Hey, you still shine shoes for a living?” He is usually only victim to the user, enjoicam. He is called up using soundboards of Duncan, the Jackass Plumber, Duncan’s Mother’s Friend, the Racist Redneck, Sal the Bar Guy and a soundboard of his own voice.

Vietman (Victim of: Chinaman SB)

Discovered by: TheGoldenPhone

Michael Tran “The Vietman” is a victim soundboard that has been considered a popular Asian soundboard second to the Chinaman. He is believed to be a private lawyer. If he is a lawyer, he shouldn't be one due to his inappropriate slang’s. His picture depicts a random Vietnamese man with a 'I Love Canada' t-shirt giving the camera a thumbs up. The soundboard is notoriously known for the Vietnamese quotes he says.

User TheGoldenPhone2 originally calls a random Vietnamese lawyer with the Chinaman soundboard. The lawyer thinks he's just another client before Chinaman says random things. With all of that, the lawyer is confused with what the Chinaman is saying, such as when he is asked what's his name, or if he's in jail. He then hangs up. GoldenPhone calls again using random Chinaman quotes which reveals the lawyers name to be Michael Tran. He also begins asking if the Chinaman spoke Chinese or Vietnamese.

Michael then thinks that the Chinaman is a potentially confused fellow Vietnamese client (because when Michael asks "Are you Vietnamese?", Chinaman says "Yes I am!") and begins talking to him in Vietnamese. However, since the soundboard does not have a lick of Vietnamese or Chinese quotes, GoldenPhone only clicks on a bunch of random quotes, confusing Michael a little more. Eventually Michael loses his patience assuming that the Chinaman was just a Vietnamese prankster, begins to make threats. He threatens Chinaman that he will 'kick his ass' and that he knows 'where his house was'. GoldenPhone on the other hand, not knowing what Michael was saying in Vietnamese, continues to click on random Chinaman quotes. Michael finally decides to end the phone call saying that the Chinaman is only a wannabe idiot that speaks English and that he would kick his ass before hanging up.

Village Idiot (Victim of: Duncan SB)

Discovered by: xXVideoPersonXx

John, the Village Idiot was a worker for a helpline. He was called up first using soundboards of Frank Garrett. He gave several joking lines, during the first call he mainly goes “Oh tough guy, ya can call up any time ya want and talk like that”. During the second time, it is apparent that John asked his co-worker who was called, if he could talk with Frank. During this time he asks whether or not he would like to go out drinking with them that Friday night. He later goes on about how Frank is doing in his retirement home and whether or not the nurse is changing his bedpan, and if he took his medicine today (“Did ya take your Prozac?). The last call made to him was done using a soundboard of the Springfield Pervert in which after he picks up the phone and says “Hello, this is John!” the Pervert just goes “Worship my cock!”

It seems that during this recession, John along with a few of his co-workers were laid off from their jobs. Thus making any calls to him unlikely.

White Thug Girl (Victim of: Angry Black Guy SB)

Discovered by: w3baholic

The White Thug Girl is an apparent Thug-wannabe who talks like a black person in a pathetic manner. She was called up using a soundboard of the Angry Black Guy, she was the first person to even be called with a soundboard of ABG as a matter of fact. She threatens him and tries to act tough.

Young Redneck (Victim of: Duncan SB, SB of own voice)

Discovered by: Zarkrell

The Young Redneck is a roofer who was called using a soundboard of Duncan, during this call when being cussed at by Frank; he threatens to call the police on him. He continues on and accuses Duncan of being a “Cocksucker” (“Aren’t you a cocksucker? Tell the Truth!). His insult-laden quotes were quickly made into a small, but effective soundboard which has been used in numerous prank calls, most notably in a call to Tom the Pissed Off Roofer.

He was later called using a soundboard of his own voice, at this point he realizes that it’s all coming from a computer and seemingly identifies it as his own voice.